Pharrell Williams has revealed that he and Madonna had a “nice little scuffle” when working on the Queen of Pop’s 2008 album Hard Candy.

Williams co-produced half of the album alongside Madonna, including the hit single Give It 2 Me, but the pair didn’t always see eye to eye in the recording studio.

“The gist of it was that we kept doing this one take over and over and I just saw where it was going,” Williams recalled in a US radio interview yesterday (April 29).

“I saw her beginning to get frustrated, so I was trying to get her to deviate from that and just try something different and she was like, ‘I got it!’”

When Williams snapped back at Madonna, saying, “Listen, you can’t just talk to me any kind of way,” she suggested they continue their conversation outside the recording studio.

“We went upstairs and had our little battle,” Williams explained. “It was cool and we hugged it out.”

Madonna and Pharrell Williams have not worked together since Hard Candy.