Next for Madonna in her movie career was her infamous role in the ‘Swept Away’ remake, directed by her husband at the time Guy Ritchie. Madonna began filming straight after finishing her Drowned World Tour. Swept Away has without a doubt been one of the movies that got the most criticism of her entire career. The reviews were incredibly bad, both Madonna and Guy were given a very harsh time. Originally planned for a premiere at Cannes, unfortunately in most countries it was a straight to DVD release.

Many fans love it for what it is, many hate it for the exact same reason. No matter what your opinion on it is, you cannot deny that some bits are extremely entertaining and the extra’s on the DVD (interview between Madonna and Guy) is hilarious.

We have compiled quite a lot of stuff for you to reflect in our Filmography:

  • Press – various magazine articles regarding the film
  • Memorabilia – a ton of variations regarding the DVD/VHS release, promo’s and more
  • Pictures – rare promotional only stills
  • Video – watch the Larry King interview
  • Trailer – watch the trailer
  • Buy – the film!

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