51otfb3IvEL._SS280SUPERB SELECTION OF LIVE MADONNA TV BROACASTS Arguably the finest ever female performer, Madonna could also give most men a run for their money in the live arena. And while she may now have reached middle age there seems to be still no stopping this remarkable and still hugely energetic pop icon, one who will never let a year go by without a new album, a new tour, a film or some other contribution to her already enormous and wholly respected body of work. But if there is one era from Madonna s career that shines brighter than any other it has to be the one stretching from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s the time of True Blue, Like A Prayer and Erotica, of Dick Tracey, Truth or Dare and Evita, and the period when the most controversial item bearing her name was published; the Sex book. This CD collection remembers and celebrates this classic era, containing as it does 15 broadcast performances recorded for live television during this time, and illustrating perfectly how this astonishing woman was not only at the top of her own game at this juncture, but on top of the entire game of music as well.

1. Like A Virgin (MTV Video Music Awards 1984)
2. Holiday (Live Aid 1985)
3. Into The Groove (Live Aid 1985)
4. Love Makes The World Go Round (Live Aid 1985)
5. Causing A Commotion (MTV Video Music Awards 1987)
6. Express Yourself (MTV Video Music Awards 1989)
7. Sooner Or Later (Academy Awards 1991)
8. Fever (Saturday Night Live 1993)
9. Bad Girl (Saturday Night Live 1993)
10. Fever (Arsenio Hall Show 1000th Episode 1993)
11. The Lady Is A Tramp (with Anthony Kiedis) (Arsenio Hall Show 1000th Episode 1993)
12. Bye Bye Baby (MTV Video Music Awards 1993)
13. Take A Bow (with Babyface) (American Music Awards 1995)
14. Lucky Star (TV Broadcast, Japan 1987)
15. La Isla Bonita (TV Broadcast, Japan 1987)

  • Audio CD (8 April 2016)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Zip City
  • ASIN: B01CF03OFA

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