Burlesque never sleeps in New Orleans and local star Bella Blue and New Orleans musician Rory Callais are coming together to make sure of it. The duo are launching the Iconography Series, which will feature a number of icons throughout popular music history, the first being the legendary Madonna.

Flyer artwork by Apostrophe

On October 5 at One Eyed Jacks, the event entitled Bedtime stories: a Madonna Burlesque and LiveMusic Tribute will take place. The duo previously worked together on three successful shows showing tribute to the late David Bowie, combining live music and burlesque.

“After the last Bowie show, we all felt like we achieved what we set out to do,” says Callais, “but we didn’t want to stop working together.  So we revamped the concept in a way that allows us to challenge ourselves and keep things fresh with every new icon.”

The collaborative effort of the two shows how important the music culture is in New Orleans, no matter the genre; if it makes you feel good, it will be recognized and revamped. Madonna is the perfect start for their series, seeing how she has impacted a large population of people with her ability to be herself fearlessly. Many artists worldwide have internalized her strength and ability to change. 

The show will feature local burlesque performers Xena Xeit-Geist, Chere Noble, Franky Canga and many more. “Like Bowie, Madonna’s music is timeless and she has continuously and boldly reinvented herself again and again. You’ll see some familiar faces, some new faces, and new acts all set to Madonna’s most iconic songs,” say Blue. 

For ticket information for the show click here.

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