Yeehaw! Miley Cyrus wanted only one icon to grace her stage during “MTV Unplugged.” So when Madonna accompanied Miley on Wednesday night, no one was more shocked than the 21-year-old pop princess. “I wanted to have someone here that wasn’t the obvious and something that was different than just being on my record, something that people wouldn’t really expect,” she told MTV News about teaming up with the legendary pop star. “And even I didn’t expect Madonna to be necessarily down to do something like ‘Unplugged’ with me.

So the fact that she’s here, kind of doing this hoedown thing with me now, is unbelievable. I’m so stoked.” Miley then broke down how Madonna influenced her own performing style. “I grew up listening to Madonna and a lot of what she represented for me is what I try to rep to girls now is not being afraid of sexuality and really being who you want to be and doing what you want to do,” she said. Madge and Miley, both donning sequined cowgirl gear, performed a mash-up of Madonna’s 2000 hit “Don’t Tell Me” and Miley’s 2013 smash “We Can’t Stop.” Wondering what it looks like? Well, the performance airs Wednesday (January 29) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. To hear more about how Cyrus and the Material Girl ended up collaborating together for the special, Miley revealed all in our interview. So, check it out!