MELBOURNE showman Scott Maidment has a friend and colleague in Madonna.

The queen of pop saw his last two shows in London and loved them so much she invited Maidment to work on her Rebel Heart world tour.

He obliged, naturally, and flew to New York to create one of the numbers, Illuminati, for her concert.

“It’s pretty amazing walking into a room when you meet someone like Madonna and she goes, ‘I really like your show, I want to work with you’,” he says.

Maidment is the creative brain behind Strut & Fret, the company responsible for a parade of acclaimed shows, including those seen by Madonna, Cantina and Limbo.

Ironically, Limbo was made in Melbourne almost three years ago to tour the world, but has never been performed here until now.

Strut and Fret specialises in circus-cabaret entertainment — the jaw-dropping kind with audiences right up close to the action for added wow.

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