While thousands of people are still crate digging, yours truly is already back to report on the 50th edition of the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht! A LOT of Madonna vinyl especially on 7″ (Portugal, Spain, Japan, Brazil, France, U.K., Germany). Also spotted a BPI award for The Immaculate collection presented to Madonna plus a BPI for Hard Candy. Probably the rarest record we came across was the Lucky Star 12″ sunglasses sleeve. What I noticed mostly was how expensive most records were, absolutely outrageous prices for fairly regular vinyl. A Dutch seller absolutely wouldn’t take my word for the fact that I already owned the 12″ vinyl for ‘Bad Girl’ as according to him, that was impossible, I gave up trying to talk some sense into him. Another thing that caught my attention was how most visitors were actually after CD’s instead of vinyl this time, loads of queues whenever a dealer was offering compact discs.

But please oh God please stop with the dozens of bootlegs…..

A few interesting items yours truly picked up:

  • La Isla Bonita – 7″ South Africa in picture sleeve
  • Dutch press photo’s 
  • Used passes for the Who’s That Girl Tour (July 27 for box office and photo/TV) and used crew pass for Virgin Tour
  • Original rare early 80’s poster from Thailand (sold by reliable dealer that gets his stuff from ‘friends in the industry’, has been selling prototypes as well (reliable stuff!)

The fair is open again tomorrow, for more info check out www.recordplanet.nl