Twelve years ago today my greatest wish became reality, I finally met Madonna!

To promote her ‘Adventures of Abdi’ children’s book Madonna had agreed to do a signing in Europe (after a few in the USA) taking place in Selfridges in London on a cold November day. The first 250 fans in the queue would be guaranteed of a meeting with Madonna after purchasing the new book. 

I only found out a few days prior to the event and just knew I had to attend, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I booked the trip, hotel and requested time off from work because well yeah this was MADONNA!! The meeting was more than I ever thought it would be, Madonna was such a friendly lady and stunningly gorgeous in person.

Afterwards I wrote down my entire experience in detail for everyone to read and to feel what it was like. I wrote this 12 years ago so keep that in mind! (story part of our Live Reports section)