In recent years he served as a guest editor at King Kong, where he and music video director NABIL put Diplo in drag, which publicly impressed Madonna. Speaking of, this summer, the Queen of Pop herself publicly gave Kazemi her stamp of approval on his new occult guidebook, Pop Magick. Now, the self-proclaimed “Illuminati Prince” is here to dawn this latest project, which acts as a modern guidebook on how to use occult practices such as witchcraft and alchemy to deprogram from the chains of our culture in exchange for freedom of thought and artistic productivity.

We can only wonder what future calculated persona Alex is secretly planning next to get the media’s attention, but for now we caught up with this hidden voice to sound off on some of his favourite topics: his flip phone, MTV’s The Hills, and tips on how to handle our world’s digital ecosystems.


Alex! What did it feel like waking up to Madonna and Steven Klein reading passages from your book on Instagram?
You might think I am kidding when I say that that day was one of the most monumental, powerful moments of my life so far, but I’m not! How does someone ever recover from waking up to your phone blowing up because Madonna introduced your underground book to the world? Madonna endorsing Pop Magick was such a powerful validation of my focus, my determination, my hard work ethic, my iron-clad will, and my soul’s desire to challenge the mainstream consensus and wake minds up to a higher state of consciousness –– not to mention that Steven Klein has also been one of my favourite photographers since I was a little boy. Madonna historically has always had such exquisite taste as well as a history of taking chances on the creative unseen weirdos of her time, and she did that with me. M’s creativity, sense of humour, work ethic, and iconography are forever eternal and irrevocable. M’s endless kindness – and by that I mean the charitable selflessness to extend her hand out, to help out a young, unknown author like myself, some random kid from the suburbs of Canada, and televise my work out to her loyal audience that I wouldn’t be able to reach on my own – I mean, it’s just such a dream come true. Bitch, it’s MADONNA! Also, the coincidence that she chose to read from my favourite chapter still gives me goosebumps! The whole scenario is divine perfection – intervention!

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