After their iconic kiss during the ‘Hollywood’ performance at the VMA’s in 2003, it was only natural that a collabration between the two ladies would be released.

Me Against The Music was the lead single from Britney’s album ‘In The Zone’, Madonna was featured throughout the track ‘responding’ to Britney in the verses and singing the chorus together. Madonna was also present to film the music video together with Britney which was directed by Paul Hunter. MTV later also aired a ‘Making Of’ of the music video. 

Madonna has never performed the track live, whereas Britney has. Although at the end of ‘Holiday’ in the Re-Invention Tour (2004) Madonna sang ‘all the people on the floor…..sing Holiday, all the people on the left….sing Holiday’ and so on and so on. Which was a direct wink to the ‘all my people on the floor let me see you dance’ line from the Me Against The Music lyrics. 

We have just uploaded the discography to the single release, we were able to collect 21 different pressings which you can check out HERE