MDNA celebrates its 10th anniversary! What do we think of the album now?

What is your favourite MDNA track?

Kimberly: Gang Bang
Fred: Gang Bang
Hans: I’m Addicted
Dave: I’m Addicted, really love the dance vibe and different sound layers
Amon: I’m Addicted, Girl gone wild (Offer Nissim mix), Gang Bang(Tracy young mix)

Favourite MDNA music video?

Kimberly: Girl Gone Wild
Fred: Girl Gone Wild
Hans: Girl Gone Wild
Dave: Girl Gone Wild, powerful and HOT. She looked great. This video was an instant classic.
Amon: Girl Gone Wild

Where does MDNA rank in your Madonna albums top 10 list?

Kimberly: #4
Fred: #7 (AL / Music / Madame X / Erotica / Confessions / ROL)
Hans: #2
Dave: #7 My personal issue with this album is how they pitched her voice. In many songs way too high, That annoyed me from the beginning, and still does. I think the songs are great. Really love the Euro-House vibe of the tracks, and with a lower register they would have been even better
Amon: #11, just outside the Top 10

Should have been a single

Kimberly: Beautiful Killer, complete and total missed opportunity!
Fred: I’m a Sinner
Hans: Gang Bang
Dave: Beautiful Killer!! This should have been the lead single. This song is a classic Madonna song with the sound of 2012. Perfect for all of those who always say “I like the old Madonna more, the 80s sound”. BK has it all
Amon: Gang Bang

Should have been scrapped

Kimberly: nothing, it’s among my non-skip Madonna albums
Fred: Some Girls
Hans: None, everything is SUPER! After Erotica, Confessions On A Dancefloor, no Skip moment. Everything was perfect including the tour
Dave: Very hard to choose between Superstar and Birthday Song. I mean WTF!!!! Still can’t believe that she recorded these 2 horrible tunes. I always thought it couldn’t get any worse than Spanish Lesson… Again she surprised me….. LOL
Amon: B-Day Song

Deluxe or Standard artwork?

Kimberly: Deluxe! One of her greatest
Fred: Deluxe
Hans: Both sorry I couldn’t choose ;-)
Dave: It took me a while to get used to them, but I’ll say the Deluxe album is my fave artwork
Amon: Standard