Madonna in the Vogue music video

For many of us, there is nothing that compares to a great music video. There’s a special art to being able to tell a story or evoke emotions by brining visuals to a popular song, an art that requires someone with a great deal of skill and an eye for the dramatic. Much like David Fincher’s 1990 music video for the Madonna song “Vogue.” But Fincher isn’t alone.

There are dozens of directors who have either gotten their start in the music video industry or jumped over to the medium after finding success on the big screen or television. Names like Spike Lee, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Spike Jonze have all made some of the most culturally significant and eye-catching videos of all time. But some of us may forget, or don’t know, that some of our favorite videos were directed by the biggest names in Hollywood. But fear not, as I have you covered…


David Fincher – Vogue, Madonna (1990)

Before creating some of the most important films of the last 25 years with the likes of SevenFight Club, and The Social Network, David Fincher got his start in the music video business by creating groundbreaking videos like the 1990 black-and-white masterpiece that is Madonna’s “Vogue.” This iconic and the visionary video is filled with the technical precision and artistry that the English director would bring to his movies just a few years later and showed what he was capable of pulling off. It also didn’t hurt that this was the third time Fincher and Madonna had teamed up after collaborating on “Express Yourself” and “Oh Father,” a year earlier.

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