Happy 27th to the most notorious coffeetable book of all time! The world was in shock when Madonna released her SEX book back in 1992 and today we are still discussing it. Way ahead of its time with stunning photography, the book remains an important time in Madonna’s legacy.

In our Erotica album promo page we have a dedicated section to a lot of (mostly Dutch) press on the book’s release, check that out HERE.

I remember getting the book as a gift from my father back in 1992, he had no clue what he bought me! All my father knew was that there was a new Madonna book out and everyone was talking about it. Clueless as he was he went to a Dutch book store where he had reserved ‘the new Madonna book’ and paid around 60 Dutch guilders for it (around 26 EUR now). When he presented the book brand new in foil packaging to me, I was ecstatic with joy! It felt like I held something truly remarkable in my hands, something that the entire world was discussing. When opening the foil with scissors and browsing through the pages, my father’s expression started to change rapidly. The poor soul had no idea that this was a book on erotic fantasies by the biggest star in the world. He made me promise to store it in a safe place and to not really check it out again until I was older (and don’t show your friends!)

Well here we are 27 years later and I still have the book my father gave me back in 1992 neat in its original foil. Needless to say it has been read from start to finish once I was older and it has been shown to many curious people. Say what you want about Madonna, but she’s always been there throughout my life connected to many memories. 

But it’s still kind of odd when people ask me about the book and I say ‘yes my father gave it to me’……….


Kimberly van Pinxteren