SHE’S the Queen of Reinvention – but this latest image overhaul is ambitious even by Madonna’s standards.

I’ve learned that the singing superstar is secretly planning a ground-breaking performance at this week’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

She will surround herself with cutting-edge technology to raise the bar on what a stage show can look like, in a bid to set the showbiz world on fire ahead of her new album, Madame X.

Sources say Madonna has been working on an incredible combination of holographic images and green screen CGI for the stage show, alongside the usual array of props and dancers,

The ambitious plans are part of her latest bid to modernise following the release of comeback single Medellin, a reggaeton-inspired collaboration with Colombian musician Maluma. He is also set to feature on the night.

Although the six-and-a-half minute showpiece is being kept heavily under wraps, one insider told me:

“It’s one of the most ambitious performances ever attempted on live TV, and obviously a lot could go wrong.

“It will require perfect timing and positioning to make sure that she interacts properly with the computer-generated visuals, otherwise it won’t work at all.

“She’s just got to Vegas and has rehearsals at the MGM Grand to make sure it’s sensational and makes the splash she’s hoping for.”

If she pulls it off, it will certainly be one in the eye for those who reckon the icon is past it — Madonna fans have slammed Radio 1 as ageist for failing to include her new ultra-contemporary track Medellin on its playlist.

But this latest stunt shows she has no intention of fading into the background.

The source added: “She wants to make sure her performance is the big talking point of the night and nothing short of brilliant.”

After she went tumbling down the stairs during her performance at the Brits in 2015, you could easily forgive Madonna for wanting to wind things down a bit by going for something simple and straightforward to avoid any chance of a mishap. Then again, there’s more chance of finding Lord Lucan.

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