MADONNA’S shows have always had extraordinary set pieces, thrilling sections, but too often she indulged her penchant for, well — doing exactly as she pleased, and alienating many in the audience. (Although this hasn’t stopped her tours from being mega-hits.) “Rebel Heart,” beautifully mixes songs from her current album with classics such as “True Blue” (people were crying to finally hear her sing this early hit) … “Burning Up” … “Deeper and Deeper” … “Who’s That Girl” … “Like a Virgin” … “Dress You Up, “Into The Groove, “Lucky Star” … “La Isla Bonita” … and ta-da! “Material Girl,” which she offers in high glamour — not the video version, a la Marilyn, but as a 1930s vamp, kicking those panting men down steep slides, as she belts out the famous lyrics. (“Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right.”) She gives these oldies respect, too. Not performing them exactly as she once did, but not rendering them unrecognizable.

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