“Rebel Heart” is Madonna’s finest work in a decade, a diverse collection of songs that find her alternately defiant and vulnerable. And like her or not, you’ve probably grown up with her music in some way.

It didn’t hit me until “Like a Prayer” in 1989. Something about that album, sonically and visually, resonated with me. Every Madonna album since has given me something: the criminally underrated “Erotica” and “American Life;” the lush R&B bounce of “Bedtime Stories;” the towering, influential beauty of “Ray of Light” and the disco-heaven of “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” I found the chewy center in 2008’s “Hard Candy” and think much of the electro-pop current running through 2012’s “MDNA” was ahead of the curve.

Last year’s “Bitch I’m Madonna” was her 46th No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart, making her the artist with the most. She performs new and old songs tonight at Toyota Center.

Come back tonight for a full review and photos from the show.

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