Charismatic singer puts on physically intense, highly theatrical two-hour show at Air Canada Centre Monday night.
Air Canada Centre. Monday, Oct. 5, 2015.
At 57, Madonna is still wears her Rebel Heart on her sleeve.
The provocative Miss Ciccone, who has made a career out of pushing buttons and boundaries, continued to do so during a physically intense, highly theatrical two-hour show at the Air Canada Centre Monday night.
For the first of two sell-out shows in front of an adoring crowd of 14,000, the just-christened nominee for the Songwriters Hall of Fame did what she does best: entertain and titillate.
After descending from a cage in gear that resembled an ancient overlord during “Iconic,” a new track from Rebel Heart, her purest pop album in ages, she went to work blurring the lines of religion and sex with “Holy Water,” featuring gyrating dancers dressed as nuns pole-dancing around giant swords, and Madonna at the centre of the action.
A few minutes later she had transformed the stage into an auto body shop, delivering a ukulele-driven version of “True Blue.”
No matter what she did, the charismatic singer, songwriter and dancer constantly proved that she has lost none of her edge.
This is probably the blonde’s most ambitious tour yet, and maybe even her most rewarding.

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