Madonna in a scene from “Madame X,” a concert documentary from her recent tour that comes to Paramount+ on Friday.
Credit…Stu Fish/Paramount+

“I hope I have disturbed your peace,” a chatty, lightly polemical Madonna proclaims in between songs in “Madame X,” a new concert documentary that shares its name with her 14th album, from 2019. Coming to Paramount+ on Friday, the film captures the live show that the pop titan created for her “Madame X” tour.

Both on the album and in this staged rendition, Madonna challenges her audience to keep up with her itinerant musical interests. She sings in the Portuguese fado tradition; she recruits a Cape Verdean choir to back her on a batuque-inspired number; she duets with the recorded voice of the Colombian singer ​​Maluma. Onstage, she renders these songs with typical flair, from pageant-y costume changes to elaborate choreography to stunts like auctioning off Polaroids to audience members.

Of course, she also saves room for her early-career hits. And because the “Madame X” tour barred phone use and photography, this new footage arrives unspoiled by fan recordings.

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