Madonna's Hung Up is 10 years old

She’s had more reinventions than Sugababes have had lineups, but 10 years ago this week, Madonna was in the middle of her most sensational new look yet.

How do you reckon most popstars might follow an album that hadn’t been as well received as expected? Go away for five years? Give up altogether? Release an album full of angsty songs? Maybe. But not Madonna. After American Life got what you might call a lukewarm reception, Madge nipped down to her local dancewear shop, bought all available stocks of leotards and came back with Confessions On A  Dance Floor, a solid danceathon packed with disco bangers.

And its lead single? Why, it was Abba-sampling Hung Up, of course. 10 years ago this week, Madonna went straight in at Number 1 with the floor-filling anthem. To celebrate, we look back at some of the stats and facts around what would be a global smash for Madge.

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