Like she is about most things, Madonna is famously a perfectionist about her skin. She rarely spends time in the sun, and when she does, she is covered head to toe in scarves and hats, as many a paparazzi have found out. She reportedly not only travels with her own facialist when on tour—she happens to be the most successful touring solo artist of all time, so she can afford it—but she is an early adopter of beauty fads, like the obsession with oxygen facials. Back in the aughts, she was one of the first celebrities to buy into the trend, going as far as buying one of the machines for her personal use, or so it’s been reported. The result is that Madonna is one of those very famous women who seem to be aging backwards. So, it’s not at all a surprise that she would launch her own skincare line. Called MDNA Skin—a play on her 2012 album—the launch includes a face wash, a chrome clay mask with its removal device—a product she demonstrated on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night—as well as a serum and a rose mist, an item she has spoofed in a series of promotional videos with the Fat Jewish. (The nine units, ranging in price from $50 to $600, will be available on the line’s site as well as Barneys New York counters.) Madonna boldly stepped into the beauty world with a trusted partner at her side, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, the New York dermatologist whose Upper East Side office is hallowed ground for anti-aging obsessives. Here, Frank, who consulted on MDNA after working with Madonna on her personal skincare for some years, shares the pop star’s rules for better skin, the importance of consistency and discipline, and reveals the anti-aging product everyone should try.

How did you start working on the line?
I met Madonna almost three years ago when I started consulting her on skincare as her dermatologist. I didn’t know it, but at the time she was working on her skincare line with [a company called] MTG that would launch in Asia. As a cosmetic dermatologist, I’ve had many years of formulation, product development, and marketing experience working with the Estée Lauder Companies. Understandably, we had quite a bit to talk about. Madonna is an extremely meticulous consumer who is eagerly interested in not only beauty, but science. Whatever I suggested led to extensive conversations about all aspects of skincare and beauty. So, after many months of picking my brain and working together, she asked me to work as a consultant and sort of middleman between her vision and MTG.

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