Beauty rollers have really been on a roll. But the gizmos do more than just get you likes on Instagram. Though they may feel like a fresh trend, they’ve actually been around for quite a while. “Rollers have been used for a long time,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, New York City Cosmetic Dermatologist and Development Consultant for MDNA SKIN. (And yes, that means he’s also Madonna’s dermatologist.) “The therapeutic benefit lies in massage. The actual manual effect of using any roller improves the lymphatic drainage of area. We all get puffy faces after we wake up after age 40.”


MDNA SKIN’s newest launch, The Beauty Roller, takes rollers up a notch by using infrared energy. “All forms of biological life release infrared energy,” explains Dr. Frank. “There has been a lot of research on the effects of infrared energy. This is why we have infrared saunas—it’s a form of wound healing. Far infrared seems to have the most medicinal form of the wavelength. We like to think with infrared energy that we can increase the penetration of the serum—you are putting on medicine and want it to be absorbed. Just like you would massage in a medicine, this is the same thing.” What also sets The Beauty Roller apart is it uses ultra-infrared sculpting energy in tandem with its oversized, dual-sculpting carbon spheres to promote lymphatic drainage, lift and firm skin, boost cell turnover and increase product penetration. That means it leads to everything from more defined cheekbones and jawline to increased facial and body contours.

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