Madonna is back in Malawi, the southeast African country from which she has adopted four kids, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Mercy James Centre for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care.
Thoko Chikondi/AP

BLANTYRE, Malawi – Madonna has returned to Malawi to celebrate the first anniversary of a medical facility named after one of the four children she adopted children from this southern African country.

The pop star on Monday visited the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. Her charity funded the facility, whose highlights include the first successful separation of conjoined twins in Malawi.

Madonna met the mother and aunt of the twins. She says they have been through a lot and it was good to “give them hope.”

Madonna is seen with two of her adopted kids from Malawi, Stella and David Banda, at the 2017 opening of The Mercy James Institute.
Thoko Chikondi/AP

The pop star is considering a new project in Malawi, thanks to adopted son David Banda.

The plan? Establish a soccer academy. David Banda says he dreams of Malawi making it to the World Cup.

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