With her Instagram ablaze with producers, collaborators, teasers, hints and supposed song titles and lyrics, Madonna’s 13th studio is clearly almost ready to drop. Here is the round up of what we know so far…

In the wake of Beyoncé’s triumphant unannounced digital release of her 5th studio self-titled album ‘Beyoncé’ that sent the world wild, it can’t be easy thinking of how to do one better, even if you just happen to be the Queen of Pop.

Well, not that either of these leading ladies need gimmicks to get their fans frothing at the mouth, Madonna has been dropping hint after hint during the last few months, getting the most controlled of us frantically searching the interwebs for news, song titles and the hope of an audio clip or two.

So, what is that we actually know about the upcoming Madonna’s 13th studio album? Well, here ‘s what we’ve found out so far, laid out in lovely bullet point bites of info:

Who is she in the studio with?
Through Instagram we are all very aware that she has been collaborating with a bunch of big names, highly talented individuals and a couple of surprises: In the mix there is EDM producer Avicii, Major Lazer mega hit maker Diplo, Wrecking Ball writer MoZella, England’s dark popstress Natalia Kills, Beyoncé’s ‘If I Were A Boy’ producer songwriter Toby Gad and the producer that has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Usher, Haim and also the aforementioned Major Lazer, Areil Rechtshaid.

Looking at who we have, we can expect some dance songs alla today’s Madonna, some big epic modern pop ballads and maybe even some darker electropop sounds via the influence of Natalia Kills.

Anyone else mentioned?
Two other names have been passed around; Giorgio Moroder and DJ White Shadow have been mentioned amongst the buzz that Madonna’s album is causing. With the success of Daft Punk’s use of established and highly influential electronic producers, could Madonna also investigate what the godfathers of electronic dance music have on offer? But, of course, Madonna loves to work with new, fresh talent. So maybe not.

So, it’s another dance album?
It would seem so, right? But maybe we could be surprised with a different sound. With a couple of tags including the words ‘Rebel Heart’ this might indicate that she’ll hang up her leotard and opt for a more ‘punk’ themed comeback. Also, I am not too sure if she is being ironic but her most used tag appears to be misspelled, no? #unaplogeticbitch ain’t saying sorry for nothing. We must remember that through all this, Madonna is also working on Art For Freedom and it would make sense that themes surrounding the project will appear in the songwriting.

What about any lyrics?
In a post made by famous photographer Mert Atlas, in which he claims to be listening to the album, he writes the words ‘Let me love you from inside out’. Are these lyrics? Maybe even a song title? We just don’t know. Then, in a post made while working with Diplo, she accompanied an Instagram photo with a hashtag that spells out ‘Clic clac clic clac bitch get off my back’. Could the Queen of Pop be addressing all the wannabes out there? Certainly sounds like it? Or is she just referring to the fact that Diplo is working her hard?

Any featuring artists?
We’ve already mentioned Natalia Kills and Diplo who, depending in what way they’ve worked with Madonna, could be up for a ‘featuring’ mention on an album track or two. In the last year we’ve seen her perform with Macklemore and Miley, proving that she likes talent that begins with the letter ‘M’, maybe these guys might be appearing on the LP too… We can imagine a Madge and Miley collaboration would go down a storm. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

So that’s what we’ve got so far. When we find out more, we’ll let you know.

Ben Taylor