GORDON WATSON’S rise to riches is the extraordinary tale of a young boy from suburban Manchester growing up to become the A-Lister’s go-to-man for the most exquisite items in the world.

However, it will come as no surprise that the reigning queen of pop Madonna is naturally the “hardest” customer out there.

From Sir Mick Jagger to Tom Cruise and Rod Stewart, Gordon’s seen a whole host of legends walk through the doors of his Chelsea store.

“I’ve had them all,” he said during an interview with Express.co.uk. “Freddie Mercury, Barbara Streisand and the gang.”

But stars drive a tough bargain, and Madonna is the toughest of them all.

Speaking of his celebrity clients, he said: “It’s harder because they’re so aware of not being ripped off; they bargain harder; their demands are more, so it’s not as easy as dealing with somebody off the street. Madonna is the hardest bargainer I’ve ever crossed.”

He added: “She knows the game and she plays it a bit too hard. There would be times when I’d say, ‘I can’t sell it for that. I have to make money dear, like you do too – I need profit!’ They’re quite canny.”

But Gordon is steadily becoming a star in his own right. After four series of Channel 4’s hit Four Rooms, the dealer has now landed his very own show on BBC Two entitled The Extraordinary Collector, and after viewing, the name doesn’t even do him justice.

The series follows the 59-year-old as he travels overseas to locate stunning pieces for his ever-expanding wealthy clientele. So far audiences have seen him pluck out a delicate lamp made from dandelions for Lord Rothschild and soon he’ll be delighting Duran Duran fans with a guided tour of John Taylor’s Grade II listed Wiltshire home.

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