Her Madgesty has touched down in Auckland but where exactly the Queen of Pop is remains something of a mystery.

The most likely place the superstar is staying after arriving this morning is the Pullman hotel, where many rich and famous visitors stay.

The upmarket hotel is the number one suspect among Madonna’s superfans but this could not be confirmed as the hotel denied Madonna was staying with them when asked by the New Zealand Herald.

French traveller Cyrille Xavier, who is staying at the Pullman, said he could “easily make the assumption” the star was there based on the amount of security at the hotel from late this morning.

Mr Xavier will see Madonna perform in Auckland on Saturday for the second time on this tour, after seeing her play in Paris.

Rumours the star was landing at 11am from Singapore had fans and media heading to Air Centre One, the ground handler for private jets near Auckland Airport, but not one managed to snap the singer as she arrived.

Superfan Chris Watts was one of the fans waiting for Madonna’s private jet to land, but was told by a staff member at Air Centre One she had arrived at a private facility at Auckland Airport’s main terminal.

As he was leaving, Mr Watts said he spotted two Range Rovers with blacked-out windows drive out and head towards the main airport terminal.

The same two vehicles were then spotted leaving the Pullman hotel later in the day, Mr Watts claimed.

He said they were part of a convoy of seven blacked-out vehicles he had seen at the Pullman – “no sightings of Madonna tho [sic].”

On twitter, one North Shore man posted a picture of an aeroplane with the caption “Madonna arrives in Auckland for her #RebelHeartTour”

Mark Sangster posted the picture shortly after 1.30pm although the tweet did not specify if the plane in the picture definitely belonged to the Material Girl singer.