The next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will once again feature a great music star. After the performances of Justin Timberlake and Caetano Veloso in 2016 and 2018, the grand finale of the musical contest will feature Madonna’s performance during the interval act, according to local Israel media Hayom.

The interpreter of great successes like ‘Vogue’, ‘Isla bonita’ and ‘Like a Prayer’, among others, has managed to reach an agreement with the EBU and the Israeli chain after a long and arduous negotiation. In fact, the artist is expected to sign the contract in the coming days.

Although the production team had already begun to work on their number, according to the aforementioned media, their participation was on the verge of not being produced by the reluctance that the EBU put to the songs with which it wanted to act on the Tel stage. Aviv 2019 given its political character.

Madonna’s show, which will cost more than one million euros, will be financed by Sylvain Adams, an Israeli businessman who was willing to finance the cost of the European event since it was confirmed. that Israel would host this edition. In fact, with the intention of improving the image of the Hebrew country in the world with the celebration of major international events, the millionaire got several stages of the Giro d’Italia to be held in Israel.

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