Since Timor has been spotted with Madonna, media has been reporting about ‘them’ again, unfortunately E!News comes up with inaccurate info. We have compiled the facts for you.

Here are the real facts:

-Timor was asked to audition for the MDNA Tour in 2011 by submitting a dance video, he was not picked to go on tour

-Timor first worked with Madonna on the launch of her SecretProjectRevolution in New York, they have mutual friends in the dance scene

-Timor and Madonna did not meet in Switzerland and were not introduced by Valentino, Timor was asked to go on a holiday to Switzerland with M and her family, by M

-Madonna and Timor were both in Rotterdam in January this year, however she was not there to meet his parents, as many media claimed she was

-Timor has stated many times that they are good friends, have a good chemistry, discuss their projects and give each other advice

that’s all folks!