It’s #TBT, everyone. This means that it’s time to “throw back” — and if we don’t, the Internet police will bust through our doors, Minority Report style, and lock us up in Internet jail. We’ll wind up next to the chronic Facebook inviter and that dude who retweets everything.

To ensure our freedom, we’re not just going to “throw back” to that time we ran into Stephen Colbert at a Rite Aid. No. We’re going to throw it back all the way to the ’80s — back when people wore neon and Madonna was still just a virgin. (Or, at least when she was acting like one — who’d been touched for the very first time, mind you.) For our very special #TBT, we’re revealing a wonderfully candid moment from Madonna’s first-ever tour, The Virgin Tour.

Below, you’ll see Madge herself clowning around with the tour’s opening act — a little known outfit called the Beastie Boys. While it took a while for Madonna’s fans to warm up to the New York City rappers (they eventually did) judging by this photo, it looks like Madonna dug them right away. That is one show we wish we’d seen.

Now back to building that time machine…

Photo: REX USA/Goncalo Silva/NurPhoto/Rex.