We have just added this very rare Dutch booklet titled ‘That’s The Girl’ to the memorabilia section of the Who’s That Girl Tour.

This four page booklet was issued by Dutch music retailer Free Record Shop and sponsored by chewing gum brand Ben-Bits, in order to promote Madonna’s upcoming live performances in Rotterdam. Very rarely seen and very hard to find. The booklet contains an order form for her music and video catalogue, a short biography and various pictures of her Miami performance during the tour. It is clear that it’s sponsored by Ben-Bits as there are various ads inside. The back cover contains another promo for Ben-Bits promoting the fact that by buying 3 packages of their chewing gum you were able to buy a Madonna door poster for only five guilders (around 2 euro’s) at Free Record Shop (Virgin Tour image and photosession white shirt, long hair wig). 

Very nice piece of Madonna memorabilia! Check it out HERE