Madonna Andrew Denton
“You’re not going to get a word in edgewise,” Madonna told Andrew Denton on Interview on June 18. “Just keep drinking the Champagne.” Photo: Seven

Andrew Denton got straight to the heart of the matter with Madonna on Seven’s Interview on Tuesday night: “I have to start with the eye patch.”

It’s a question the world has asked for months.

Madonna, sitting in Interview’s blue chair (taken to London for the chat) in a green floral dress, black leather gloves and the now-ubiquitous black eye patch with silver X, laughed.

“Of course. The eye sore,” she said breezily.

It didn’t satisfy Denton, who had been gifted Champagne by Madonna and told, “This is a dress that looks good standing up or laying down. We can lay down and talk.”

He went back to the unusual accessory, which Madonna has worn relentlessly since the April release of Medellin, her first single from her album Madame X, which dropped on June 14.

“How did you get to the eye patch?” Denton, 59, asked again.

Turns out, it came naturally once Madonna, 60, “wrote the Madame X manifesto and all the different things she did”.

Madonna Denton Interview
“I hope the whole world will start wearing them,” said Madonna of eye patches. Photo: Seven

Denton’s expression remained admirably Easter Island statue as the singer explained her latest alter ego is a “dancer, professor, head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother”.

Madonna confided those are “things I’ve done”, and she is paying homage to women from prostitutes to nuns.

The nuns sparked Denton’s interest.

“I’ve lived the life of a nun minus the habit,” Madonna said.

“The chastity. Everybody goes through periods of time when they’re not having sex.”

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