We hear Madonna is teaming up with the rapper on a track for her new album, and Kanye, of course, thinks he is the key to her comeback success.

Madge, 56, met the Yeezus star, 37, at a charity gala in New York last month and the pair got chatting about a potential collaboration. An insider told us: “Kanye and Madonna hit it off at the Keep A Child Alive ball and have been in touch ever since.

Perfect “Kanye has already written some songs he thinks would be perfect for her, and he’s desperately trying to find a time they can both get into the recording studio.

“He wants to make her cutting edge and relevant again, and he’d love nothing more than to produce some classic songs for her.

“Madonna is one of the greatest stars of the past 30 years. And now Kanye is desperate to put her back at the very top. “

He loves the way she always reinvents herself.” It looks like Madge’s new album is set to be a corker already – she’s also been working with Nicki Minaj, 31, and Diplo, 36. But will there be enough room for so much ego in one recording studio?

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