In Portugal for eight concerts, the 61-year-old American singer implies that she will continue to live in Lisbon after the current tour and is never tired of praising Comporta, in Alentejo, where she likes to go horse riding.

Madonna took on a passion for fado at last night’s concert and made a surprising confession to (many) fans who have not missed the return of the artist after seven years of absence. In Portugal for eight shows, the 61-year-old American singer suggests that she will continue to live in Lisbon after the current tour, and throughout the night there were many compliments to the country she moved to in the last days of August 2017.

“I love to eat cod and drink port wine,” said the artist. “She even said that cod is her favorite dish. She said she loves Comporta and likes to go horseback riding,” Luís Faleiro Ferreira, one of the admirers who attended the first of eight, told Modern Life. Madonna’s performances in Portugal. The national song was also praised by the performer of “Vogue”. “Fado is just the most beautiful music in the world,” he said.

“She said she tried to explain, in the shows she gave in the USA, what fado was and now she was happy because, finally, in these concerts she didn’t have to do it because, in Portugal, everyone knows what it is”, reveals Luís Faleiro Ferreira . In the first concert of the tour “Madame X tour” in Lisbon, which you can (re) see next, Madonna also took the opportunity to honor the fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, great-grandmother of Portuguese guitarist Gaspar Varela, who accompanies her on the tour.

Shortly after moving to Portugal, Madonna had the opportunity to repeatedly hear Celeste Rodrigues, who died on August 1, 2018, sing. “Only the third time, she noticed me and we sang together. But it wasn’t a fado. It was an Elvis [Presley] song,” recalled the American artist who, shortly after, shared a video of the unusual moment on social networks. . “Can’t help falling in love” was the song of choice at the time.

After remembering this episode, Madonna sang an excerpt from the song in the chapel and called on stage Gaspar Varela to perform “Fado pechincha”, which Celeste Rodrigues also sang. “It was he who convinced me to sing this song,” assumed the interpreter of “Papa don’t preach,” “Like a prayer,” and “La isla bonita.” The audience reacted enthusiastically. “No need to get so excited,” interrupted the singer, who only started interacting with the audience after “God control ” Dark ballet “and” Human nature. “At the end of the song, foster daughters Estere, Stella and Mercy took the stage and joined Madonna.

“This section of the concert is all very interventionist. She revealed that one of the things that most reminds her daughters is that they should not take freedom for granted,” says Luís Faleiro Ferreira. “Then Madonna changes her clothes right on stage, behind a screen, while talking to the public and joking about the fact that people don’t have their cell phones [sealed in a sealed bag at the entrance to the Coliseum of Playtime],” he adds.

“Do you miss your phones? Do you miss posting photos on Instagram? Me too! But it’s so much better to look at your faces than your phones,” the artist said before singing “Vogue”, “I don’t search I find “and” Batuka “, the song she wrote after meeting the African-born singers who are part of the Lisbon Batukadeira Orchestra and accompany her on the international tour ending in Paris.

Auto translated from SAPO Lifestyle