Singer Madonna had a dinnerdate last Wednesday evening in the Japanese restaurant Ono on de Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam with the dancer Timor Steffens. They might be dating.

“it wasn’t until she laughed and I saw the gap in between her front teeth, that I knew for sure that she was Madonna”, an employee of Ono tells. She was ‘warned’ by her boss that evening that some famous people would show up, but didn’t have a clue who they were. “We reserved a table in the back, so that they would have some privacy”.

‘Good tip’
She says Madonna entered with a big coat and hoodie on, she only took them off when she sat down at the table. ‘She sat with her back to the wall, so it obstructed the view of other people seeing her. Nobody that had dinner had a clue she was there.”

She did not take any photographs of Madonna. ‘I did inform my colleagues, but of course we handle this discreetly.” She adds that Madonna ordered a lot of stuff off the menu, but didn’t finish it all. They left quite a large tip. “it is not of anyone’s business how much they left exactly.”

The rumors that 26-yeard old Timor is dating 55-year old Madonna have been doing it’s rounds lately. Timor’s manager denies the rumors, and states that this is a friendship. The employee of Ono only wants to add to that, that “they had a great time….” Where Madonna stays in Rotterdam is unknown.

RTV Rijnmond