Madonna has never shied away from getting political. Whether in her music videos for songs like “Like a Prayer,” or in her outward actions like fighting against the AIDS crisis, Madge has always made it a goal to express her politics openly whenever she gets the chance. Now, the star is taking on yet another issue in hopes of inspiring change — gun violence.

On Tuesday (June 18), Madonna released a teaser for her upcoming “God Control” music video. The clip starts off with the star talking to the camera, saying that writing songs about “the downfall of humanity” can get her down, so she has to find a positive release. “Where does a girl go? She goes to the disco,” she says.

The clip then shows behind-the-scenes footage of Madonna, clad in a fully-sequined outfit and a blonde bob, dancing and shaking at a disco club for the video, as she speaks about how the joy of disco clubs in the 1970s helped her feel welcome in New York. But the video takes a dark turn as Madonna and her fellow dancers are suddenly shown on the floor of the club, with blood staining their hands and clothes.

“I tried to bring the world of disco and freedom, and having that joy silenced by a small thing made of metal that can end someone’s life,” Madonna says over a clip of a man with a shotgun firing rounds in the club. “Guns need to be made illegal.” Fans have begun speculating that the clip is a reference to the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting of 2016, where 49 men and women were killed in the Orlando gay club. 

The content of “God Control,” off of the singer’s new album Madame X, point to the specific subject of the video; the song begins as an emotional ballad, but culminates into a classic disco-style track, while Madonna admonishes America’s lack of gun safety through her lyrics. “People think that I’m insane/ The only gun is in my brain,” she sings.

Check out the new clip for Madonna’s “God Control” video below.

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