Cape Town – Musician and actor Nakhane Toure has been living his best life in Europe and after revealing that he headed to Portugal for some time out and to write some music, the singer also discovered that he had a legend as a fan.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna took to Instagram to express her excitement at meeting Nakhane as well as American rapper, Mykki in Lisbon.

The 60-year-old also referred to the The Wound actor as one of her favourite artists.

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“Was such a treat introducing my 2 favourite artists tonight in Lisbon! @_mykki_ @nakhaneofficial #fearless#unique#inspiring,” she captioned a picture of the two artists.

Posting the same picture which was taken by Madonna herself, Nakhane wrote a heartfelt post about how the introduction to Mykki’s music changed his outlook on the LGBTIQ+ community and how it helped him become honest with himself.

“I’ve been in Portugal taking a break and writing music. At a dinner I finally met @_mykki_ A few years ago when I was still a Christian and in severe denial of my true identity, @felagucci introduced me to Mykki’s music. I was confronted with myself in a way that I couldn’t handle. I remember rejecting not only Mykki, but his music too. It was too much for me. What I was really thinking was that it was ‘too gay’. I was using the language of the people who were oppressing queer people (whether they knew it or not. “It’s alright to be queer, but don’t be too much. Stop being ‘over-the-top’ with it. Assimilate!” It was too honest,” he began.

“It was forcing me to deal with a part of myself that I was trying, with every fibre of my being, to suppress. Fast-forward to 2018: I came across his ‘High School Never Ends’ song and it’s @dielamb directed music video. It encompasses so much that I love about art: It is beautiful, brutal, romantic, honest and confrontational. I was ready. Looking back now, maybe Mykki’s music and image were part of the things that nudged me to come forward and be honest with myself about myself , “ he continued before crediting Madonna for the image.

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