MADONNA has let slip the direction of her fourteenth studio album.

The pop superstar has revealed that political criticism will feature heavily in the record slated for release in 2018. “World leaders are sinking society into insensitive and conservative thoughts,” the outspoken star explained.

“With the economy collapsing, people think that it is better to elect successful entrepreneurs to run a government.

“But that’s not how things work. Being the leader of a nation requires diplomacy, experience, and intellectual ability.”

She added: “It’s a colossal job, but more and more unqualified people are elected for that role.”

However while Madonna is no stranger to hitting out at the current president Donald Trump, she admitted the album won’t be a Trump rant set to music.

“I already expressed my point of view on him,” she continued to Portuguese magazine Veja, before admitting she doesn’t know who will be in office when the record comes out.

Donald has been dogged by claims he could be impeached over rumoured relations with Russia.

“On my songs I want to talk about how we got to this point,” the 59-year-old explained.

“We can not continue to blame our leaders, we have to blame ourselves.

“We need to get involved and ask for the changes that we want.”

When the ageless beauty was asked if she’s tired of rebellion after over twenty years in the industry, the Bitch I’m Madonna singer replied: “No, no, no. I’m not tired.

“I feel even more energetic. Stronger to fight for what I believe. I’m a rebel and I’ll be rebellious till the end.”

Madonna is currently living in Portugal after moving to Europe to help her son chase his dream of becoming a footballer.

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