Since 1983’s self-titled debut, Madonna has played (at least) a dozen different stage roles, including that of a lingerie-clad sex symbol, guitar-strumming cowboy and spiritual songstress. She assumes the role of a globe-trotting superspy on Madame X, her latest album and world tour coming to the Met Dec. 7, 8, 10 and 11. “Madonna is a collage artist who collects and glues together cultural elements, attitudes and environments, and creates a larger work of greater influences,” says Rahsaan Lucas, Philadelphia club DJ and owner-operator of AfroTaino Productions. What makes Madame X so fresh and flavorful is its reach into Latinx sounds, electronic and organic. “Madonna doesn’t take small bites of inspiration; she chomps down by the mouthful. It’s no wonder she found inspiration in the sounds of the Latin and African diaspora,” says Lucas. Madonna will always keep morphing, and she will keep moving to whatever beat she likes. In the spoken word intro of Madame X, she says: “You can never hit a moving target.” If we haven’t learned anything about Madonna over the past 33 years, let us learn that. Tickets from $95, VIP tickets from $750, 858 N. Broad St., 800.653.8000, themetphilly.com

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