• Madonna promoted Music with a launch party in the USA wearing a ripped ‘Snatch’ shirt (Guy Ritchie’s movie at the time). Guy in his turn wore a Music promotional shirt
  • She attended an exclusive signing session in Los Angeles, something that she hadn’t done before
  • In the Roseland club in New York she performed a promotional show, tickets were only available through lotteries
  • In London she performed the same gig in Brixton, her first live show since 1993’s Girlie Show. Here she added Holiday to the set which was streamed live on the internet. She set a new record in the Guinness book of records due to the amount of people that tuned in live to see it
  • Madonna performed both Music and Don’t Tell Me at TOTP in London
  • In France she performed the same set at Nulle Part Ailleurs plus sat down for an interview
  • The first real live performance of Music was at the MTV Awards in Sweden, where she received two awards and was introduced by Ali G
  • She opened the Grammy Awards with Music and a very young Lil’ Bow Wow, here she gave a sneak peak of the upcoming Drowned World Tour performance wise
  • Music was a massive success worldwide spanning three hit singles ‘Music’, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’
  • The music video to What It Feels Like For A Girl was banned in some countries and received limited playtime due to the excessive violence shown
  • The video was directed by Guy Ritchie, surprisingly they used a remix version instead of the album version to go with the video
  • M recorded a Spanish version of What It Feels Like For A Girl titled ‘Lo Que Siente La Mujer’, she chose to perform this version at the upcoming Drowned World Tour in 2001
  • The record company wanted to release ‘Amazing’ as the fourth single off the album. Madonna didn’t agree as she voted for ‘Impressive Instant’. There is a rumor going she didn’t want to film a video for ‘Amazing’ so the record company opted to use live footage for the video from ‘Amazing’ as it was scheduled to be played. Madonna on her turn replaced Amazing for Beautiful Stranger in the setlist to prevent this from happening
  • There was a promotional single pressed for ‘Amazing’ but never commercially released
Release Date: September 20, 2000

01. Music
02. Impressive instant
03. Runaway lover
04. I deserve it
05. Amazing
06. Nobody’s perfect
07. Don’t Tell Me
08. What It Feels Like for a Girl
09. Paradise (not for me)
10. Gone
11. American pie (not on U.S. edition)
Bonustrack in Japan and Australia
12. Cyber-raga


Music (single)

Don’t Tell Me

What It Feels Like For a Girl


Impressive Instant