So Madonna and writer Diablo Cody went live on Instagram tonight to discuss the current screenplay that will ultimately turn into a two hour movie about Madonna’s life.

Here are some of the things that came up

-Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring will be in the movie
-Donna and Niki will be in the movie
-The House of Xtravaganza and Vogueing will be in the movie, also spoke about Luis and Jose having played an important part in her life
-She doesn’t remember recording a track called ‘Tragic Girl’ (Rebel Heart) does remember ‘Bad Girl’ though
-The Breakfast Club will be in the movie!
-The goal is a two hour movie even though Madonna likes the idea of a TV series
-She can’t release the Blond Ambition Tour as she doesn’t have all the footage, just what was shown in ‘Truth or Dare’ and doesn’t want to release half a product
-Is currently editing the Madame X Tour DVD, got held up due to what’s currently going on in the world
-The movie will feature music but it won’t be a musical
-She’s currently at the EVITA era of writing things
-She spoke about her chihuahua’s and why she got rid of them (giving birth to Lola and taking care of her taking up all of her time)
-Pepsi / Like a Prayer controversy is in it
-She would like to record a new album, but nothing planned as she is too busy with currently screenplay, healing, being a mother and editing a Madame X Tour DVD