Madonna came pulsing into DC for her Rebel Heart tour on Saturday night, where she played to a packed house at the Verizon Center.

But there was one notable absence: no sign of our Commander in Chief.

Madge told the crowd she was thrilled to be in the Nation’s Capital, “even if Barack Obama didn’t come to my show. I did invite him, you know,” she said. “Maybe he thinks I’m too ‘provocative.’”

Hmm…where would he get that idea??

The show, which opened with Gothic-style theatrics with her Madgesty making her grand entrance in a suspended cage, featured half-naked nuns, a priest, and plenty of ripped, glistening dancers.

But the best part?

A Spanish-style segment that deftly wove in a string of her classic hits.

Also: how is this woman 57??!? She’s still got it.

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