In this day and age the illuminati is popularly associated to people in power who use evil and witchcraft to advance, but according to pop icon Madonna’s and her new song the illuminati is a good thing and she is happy to be apart of it.

The singer released a song this month titled “Illuminati” in which she names all of her celebrity peers that have been linked to the elite group. The singer explained that those people are not illuminati but instead the All Seeing Eye is truth and light. Truth and Light are both words associated to Jesus in the Bible and in the context of the song; really do not make sense unless the singer has another message for her listeners.

In a recent Facebook post along with a picture displaying just one of her eyes Madonna tells people she is grateful that they call her a member of the illuminati. “Thank you for the compliment! ‪#‎knowledgeispower #rebelheart ‪#‎illuminati,” she wrote.

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