Madonna arriving at Heathrow Airport CREDIT: DAVID DYSON 

Madonna returned to the UK this morning with the hope of being reunited with her eldest son Rocco.

Following a bitter four-month custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie over the 15-year-old, she touched down in London’s Heathrow Airport, dressed all in black.

The 57-year-old mother-of-four reportedly made the plans to visit the UK in order to get Rocco back in school, following his holiday in the Maldives with his father and step-mother.

Rocco has been living in London with his filmmaker father and Guy’s new wife Jacqui, along with their three young children, ever since reportedly leaving his mother before Christmas.

He is alleged to prefer his “normal family life” in the British capital.

Last month, a High Court judge in London urged Madonna and Ritchie to try to settle the four-month battle over their son and focus on enjoying what is left of Rocco’s “precious” childhood.

Mr Justice MacDonald said it would be a “very great tragedy” if more of the “fast receding” days of Rocco’s youth were taken up by litigation.

The judge warned the pair that “summer does not last forever” – and said their child would “very quickly” become an adult.

He pleaded with them to resolve their differences in a ruling on the latest stage of litigation following a hearing in the Family Division.

Mr Justice MacDonald ruled that Madonna could halt legal action in England – and allow a judge in New York to make decisions.

Madonna’s arrival in the UK signals the end of Rebel Heart global tour, which made her the most successful solo touring artist of all time.

She has completed 82 shows and earned over £120 million from the tour.

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