With bangles all the way up her arms, hair tussled and fake microphone in hand, Andrea Fowler would channel her musical icon in the mirror, the music as loud as it would go.

She thought the door was locked to keep her brother out during this particular bedroom Madonna concert, where Fowler as a teenager would give it her all. But it wasn’t.

“He comes in and touches my shoulder, and it scared me so bad I just fell to the floor,” Fowler said.

Generations of fans of the Queen of Pop held concerts and sang into hairbrushes from the early ’80s, when synthesizers introduced us to the “Lucky Star,” to the release of her 13th studio album last year, “Rebel Heart.” Madonna has thrived in changing landscapes, which has made her even more appealing to fans.

Fans will get to sing along with the icon herself when she performs in Oklahoma for the first time on Thursday. Madonna is set to perform at 8 p.m. Thursday at the BOK Center. Tickets start at $40 and are available at bokcenter.com.

Since 1983, Madonna has sold more than 300 million albums around the world. She is listed at No. 2 behind The Beatles on Billboard’s Hot 100 All-Time Top Artist list, making her the most successful solo act on the U.S. singles charts.

She has toured the world and become one of the highest-grossing female performers in history. She has starred in several films and earned a Golden Globe award.

For decades, Madonna has been part of the pop culture. She has adapted to the times but stayed true to herself, which has kept her fans on board, picking up new ones along the way.

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