Madonna Fans Do It Better by LeeAnn Tooker and Heather Turman is a FANthology about the one and only Queen of Pop. This collection of personal stories, artworks and comments by admirers of Madonna is a very entertaining read. We get to experience how Madonna has influenced and shaped the lives of a few fans through a collection of essays.

We all have our personal stories and memories when we think of how we first learned about Madonna and how we fell in love with her. I bet you can’t read this book without smiling and nodding as you read the words and identify with it. Yes, Madonna may be many things and she may face criticism with whatever she does, but we can’t ever deny the power of her impact. To many she is a living legend, an artist, a singer, an actress, a mother but to some of us she’s like family and has helped shaped lives in many ways through different paths.

This book is such a vibrant joyful love letter to Madonna and her fans, that it’s simply a must-have in any Madonna collection.

If anything, this book will remind you why you love Madonna and how much she continues to inspire each and every one of us.

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