Madame X is coming. Over the weekend, Madonna teased the new persona on both Instagram and Twitter. While she didn’t on what exact form Madame X would take at the time, she did reveal some pretty notable characteristics about her presumed alter ego.

“Madame X is a secret agent/Traveling around the world/Changing identities/Fighting for freedom/Bringing light to dark places/She is a cha cha instructor/A professor/A head of state/A housekeeper/An equestrian/A prisoner/A student/A teacher/A nun/A cabaret singer/A saint/A prostitute.”

Boy, this Madame X sure does sound busy. Madonna’s original post was shrouded in mystery, but she followed it up on Sunday with something far more definitive. Madge posted a minute-long teaser in which she officially announced that her new album will indeed be called Madame X. The teaser, which appears to have been shot by Steven Klein, features Madonna embodying Madame X’s various personas. “Welcome to the World of Madame X,” she wrote alongside the video.

The official announcement of Madame X confirms what we thought in March, when she tweeted a mysterious photo of a hand cutting an apple alongside a caption that read, “A taste of things to come.”

That same month, Madge shared a video of some very nimble children dancing around a green screen-heavy environment. “Soon I will get to show you what I was doing with some new amazing technology,” she wrote at the time.

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