When Lil Nas X met Madame X, they chewed the fat, drank some beer — the same bottle of beer — and an audience of millions got to watch on, thanks to the power of social media. 

During her Los Angeles show earlier in the week, Madonna strolled over to the “Old Town Road” rapper, who appeared to be just another fan, and immediately made a beeline for his brew. 

“That looks so thirst-quenching, may I have a sip,” she asked. When The Queen of Pop requests a hit of your beer, you give it up.


“If I drink this, I’ll be getting some of your backwash,” she asked again. Apparently so. “Kinda sharp, your backwash. Might cut my tongue,” she said, rather enthusastically. 

It’s all good. No harm done. “I’m in the presence of a legend, I’m just happy to be here,” the rising star responded.

After breaking the ice with a cold one, the pair got chatting about Lil Nas X’s hometown, Atlanta (“I’ve been to Atlanta, Georgia like three billion times,” Madonna claimed), and does he, in fact, ride horses. “I’ll teach you how to ride, baby,” Madonna declared, as she led a round of “Old Town Road.”

The pop legend posted her getting-to-know-you exchange with Lil Nas X as her Madame X tour visited L.A.’s The Wiltern on Monday (Nov. 25).

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