We have finally uploaded our extensive ‘Celebration’ album promo to the ‘Album Promo’ page under ‘Music’.

Warner Music released this greatest hits compilation in 2009 as a single and double disc set, complete with double DVD featuring a selection of Madonna’s music videos. Two new tracks were added to the compilation ‘Celebration’ and ‘Revolver’.

In ‘Celebration’ we are proud to present a TON of promotional goodies for you to enjoy

  • Facts
  • Memorabilia – a ton of rare promotional memorabilia
  • Releases – a collection of various (promotional) releases of the album and singles
  • Pictures – a rare collection of official press images
  • Videos – view related videos
  • Music Videos – view the official Music videos to ‘Celebration’
  • Buy!

Enjoy ‘Celebration Album Promo’ now