Madonna is still very much aware of her powers. And her Rebel Heart Tour is a showcase fit for a queen.

Tuesday’s show at Toyota Center was masterful and majestic, a perfectly balanced blend of old and new. The diverse crowd — soccer moms and couples, gaggles of girls, gay men and millennials — waited until 10:30 p.m. for her to appear. Few seemed to mind.

“Born to be a superstar/That’s exactly what you are,” she declared during opener “Iconic.” She moved freely and fluidly amid an army of male and female dancers.

Recent single “Bitch I’m Madonna” was followed by “Burning Up,” one of her first singles and an early highlight. New song “Holy Water” gave way to “Vogue” as she writhed on poles with female dancers (half) dressed as R-rated nuns. Devil Pray” played like a continuation of “Like a Prayer.” Catholicism remains a frequent theme in her performances.

Few, if any, current pop stars can match Madonna’s might as a live performer. That she’s fully aware of it makes her all the more captivating.

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