“So grateful for this awesome present! You are a true friend,” writes the Chicago rapper of Madge.

Is Chance The Rapper the latest artist to join Madonna’s in-the-works follow-up to 2012’s MDNA? The pop superstar has employed Instagram to capture her co-conspirators during the recording process over the past few months, and the Chicago MC has now been caught in that Insta-web, along with Nicki Minaj, Diplo and Natalia Kills. Oh, and Madonna bought Chance The Rapper a Razor Scooter!


“Thanks so much @Madonna! So grateful for this awesome present! You are a true friend,” Chance posted on Instagram on Tuesday night (Nov. 4). The incredible photo he posted features Madonna groping the ribboned gift and Chance leaning back in front of his superstar pal, celebrating the idea of owning a brand-new electric scooter.

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On Wednesday morning, Madonna posted her own Instagram photo of Chance in a White Sox cap, with the caption, “Taking a Chance ! #rebelheart.” The terms “Rebel Heart” and “Unapologetic Bitch” have constantly popped up in Madge’s Instagram feed during her months-long music tease — perhaps as an album or song title?

Madonna’s next album is due for release in 2015, according to a representative for the singer, while Chance the Rapper exclusively revealed to Billboard last month that he is working on a new album project titled Surf. Since the release of his Acid Rapmixtape last year, Chance has guested on projects by Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Lil Wayne, among others.

(By Jason Lipshutz for Billboard.com)