Can you imagine listening to Katy Perry music 30 years from now?

I mean, seriously. Take a few moments of quiet reflection to think about that prospect.


What a terrible, bleak futurescape.

Like, do you think “I Kissed a Girl” is even going to make it onto the oldies station of tomorrow?

Will we even still have radio stations by the time any of this is worth considering?

So many questions. So little Katy Perry, hopefully, in the next few decades.

Now spend some time thinking about Madonna, if you would. Much better, right?

Madonna is seriously one of the most important pop figures of ever. Not only that, but she’s also incredibly prolific, and meaningfully so. Her “Rebel Heart” effort earlier in the year was surprisingly quiet, for a Madonna effort, but supremely solid and a critical hit. Catch her if you can Thursday night, Sept. 24, at the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets are $40 to $355. For more information, go to

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